What is Product for Engineers?

  • Product for Engineers is a newsletter about helping technical people build great products, especially those working at early-stage startups.

  • It’s created by the team behind PostHog, an all-in-one platform for product analytics, session recording, feature flags, A/B testing, and more.

  • In each issue we share what we’ve learned, and curate great advice, about building successful products and running a startup.

  • Product for Engineers is free and always will be.

Why Product for Engineers?

Because we believe successful startups need engineers who care deeply about users – what we and others call product engineers.

Product engineers do all the things software engineers do, but they talk directly to users, work autonomously, and are opinionated about what to work on.

“Product Engineer” is a mindset, not just a job title. We’re all about helping engineers with that mindset.

Also, we’re building a product for engineers. Get it? The name has levels. So. Many Levels… at least two levels. 🧐

What if I’m not an engineer?

That’s cool. If you work in startups, or are just interested in building products, you’ll find something useful here. For example, we’ve written about what we’ve learned about hiring, and why we (mostly) sell features, not benefits.

Who writes Product for Engineers?

It’s a team effort from the whole marketing team at PostHog, with specific contributions (so far) from:

  • James Hawkins, co-founder and CEO of PostHog

  • Andy Vandervell, editor of the newsletter and PostHog’s content marketing lead

  • Ian Vanagas, technical content marketer and our only Canadian resident

Special thanks to Lottie Coxon, our graphic designer, for the iconic “SwolHog” mascot.